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Today’s students live in a digital world in which technology is the primary medium for learning and communication. Just as Jesus spoke to fishermen and farmers in words familiar to them, infusing technology in the classroom enables PCA teachers to reach these students in their native language. PCA’s Technology Program is designed to provide students with tools to access, create, share and collaborate as global, digital citizens. This program isn’t about technology, but it is about engaging students in learning so that they reach their God-given potential, as outlined in PCA’s Portrait of a Graduate.

Technology For Everyone

PCA is proud to be part of the Apple for Everyone program which allows all PCA students in Grades 1-6 to be provided with a personal Apple iPad®. Students in grades 7-12 are assigned a personal Apple MacBook Air®. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten have access to shared iPad devices in their classrooms. Through this opportunity PCA continues to see an increase in both student/student and student/teacher collaboration.

For more in-depth information on the Apple for Everyone program please click here.

Technology in the Classroom

PCA is continually working to provide state of the art wireless and multimedia technologies. Teachers use digital projectors, document cameras and streaming video to engage students visually and aurally. They assess student understanding with leading diagnostic programs in math and reading. They help students connect ideas with concept-mapping software. They encourage students to express their learning through video presentations, word clouds, digital art and blogs.

Students in PreK-Sixth grades have scheduled technology enrichment classes, as age-appropriate. The school has dedicated technology labs where enrichment classes encompass a broad curriculum, including office applications, Lego robotics, photo and video production and introductory programming. Students in Seventh through Twelfth grades participate in technology electives classes such as: Computer Principles and Skills, Photoshop, Film and Broadcasting, Robotics and Programming and Computer Science.

Technology In The Home

NetCommunity allows students and parents to view upcoming assignments, track progress in classes, check attendance records and access resources such as class newsletters, study guides and project rubrics. Links for technology resources students and parents may need can be found under Current Families.

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown

Sr. Director of Technology
PCA North, PCA Plano, Leadership Center