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What are our endowment funds?

Endowment funds are gifts that keep giving. The funds are invested by PCA and the gains generated by the investment are used to support PCA's teachers, curriculum and student accessibility! The PCA endowment is valued at almost $10 million. You can read about all of our endowments on the right side of the page!

The Shannon Allbright Learning Lab Endowment Fund

This endowment provides funding for the ongoing support of the Prestonwood Christian Academy Learning Lab. The fund was established in 2004 in memory of Shannon Allbright; PCA mother of Liz Allbright ('05) and Tyler Allbright ('08).

The PCA Sponsor-A-Child Endowment Fund

PCA established the Sponsor-A-Child Fund in 2010. The Fund was created in order to assist families who want to provide a Kingdom education for their children but need financial assistance to pay tuition costs.

Felix Joseph Lozano, IV ('09) Endowment

This endowment provides need-based tuition assistance for current and prospective families to attend Prestonwood Christian Academy. The fund was established in 2013 in memory of Felix Joseph (Joe) Lozano, IV ('09) by his father Felix and stepmother Belinda Lozano.

The Hollabaugh Family Endowment

Eric and Darla Hollabaugh, and their children, Stephen Hollabaugh ('08) and Heather Hollabaugh Kuehler ('09) established this family legacy fund in 2011. The fund benefits the PCA Sponsor-A-Child program which contributes need-based tuition assistance for students attending PCA.

The PCA Faculty Compensation Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2010 with a goal of attracting and retaining faculty members of excellence. The fund will provide for stipends for master teachers and key department chair positions.

The PCA Endowment Fund

PCA established this general fund to help with future unexpected needs and ongoing operating expenses of the school. The PCA Endowment was started in 2011.

The PCA Faculty Professional Development Endowment Fund

PCA established this fund in 2011 to assist with the costs of training faculty in best practices and the tools needed to educate students.

Lewis Family Endowment

This endowment serves as a fund for Prestonwood Christian Academy staff who have demonstrated teaching excellence in a way that is either measured or universally recognized by their peers and who encounter a financial hardship beyond what their salary provides. The fund was established in 2010 by PCA parents Travis and Marya Lewis and their sons Nathan ('22) and Maddox ('25).

The PCA Benevolence Fund

This fund was established in 2015 with the purpose of setting aside funds to assist non-faculty families who encounter unforeseen difficult financial hardships.

The PCA Faculty Benevolence Endowment Fund

PCA established this fund in 2010 to set aside funding for faculty who encounter crisis situations causing financial hardship beyond their resources.

The PCA World Impact Endowment Fund

This fund was established in 2011 with a goal of funding future service projects, mission trips and the training of students to fulfill the Great Commission.

Other Endowments

The following endowments are held by the Prestonwood Foundation for the full or partial benefit of Prestonwood Christian Academy:

  • The Boleman Family Endowment
  • The Charles D. & Linda C. Howard Fund
  • The Linda Coughlin Howard Endowment
  • The Jacobs Family Fund
  • The Evatt Family Legacy
  • The James Wiltz Alexander Family Legacy Fund