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Establishing Students for Life

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Student Going to School tobe established for life
PCA 2021 Graduates

 Portrait of A PCA Graduate


Wholistic Training as found in Luke 2:52


Michael Goddard Ed.D.  Superintendent, Prestonwood Christian Academy  System of Schools

PCA Plano

Located in Plano, Texas, Prestonwood Christian Academy serves students in Grades PreK-3 through 12. Faith is not separated from learning but rather intentionally integrated, creating a distinct learning environment and community.

PCA North

Located in Prosper, Texas, Prestonwood Christian Academy North serves students in  Grades PreK-3 through 11. Faith is not separated from learning but rather is intentionally integrated, resulting in a distinctive environment and community.

PCA Hybrid

Located in Plano, PCA Hybrid is PCA's newest offering, providing three days each week on-campus learning and two days each week off-campus learning. PCA Hybrid serves students in Grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, 5 and 6.

PCA Online

PCA Online offers virtual courses for students in Grades 6-12, part-time on-campus classes and a shared student option.

PCA Affiliates

Our affiliate schools are St. Timothy Christian  Academy  co-located on the  PCA Plano campus serving student with learning differences and The King's Academy in the south Dallas community.

Our Difference

PCA System of Schools at a Glance


Parent and student salvations since Prestonwood Christian Academy was established in 1997.


Through the Sponsor-A-Child tuition assistance program, $38 million has been provided for students who otherwise would not be able to attend PCA.

Portrait of a Graduate


Reverence for God | Eternal Perspective | Christ-like Humility | Scholastic Excellence | Critical Thinking

On Mission


PCA students, faculty and staff serve locally and globally through Service Project Day (800+) and Minimester (400+) annually.


Class of 2021  received $14.6 million in scholarship offers. Total scholarship offers from 2002 to 2021 is $154.6 million.


PCA top 25% score on SAT is 1318, PCA overall 1228, National 1089 and Texas 1020.

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Journey of Faith

Prestonwood Christian Academy Celebrates 25 years of establishing students for life!

A Kingdom education that is establishing lives for Christ

Prestonwood Christian Academy invests in the lives of its students with a depth of learning that advances them academically, spiritually and in character development. PCA prepares students for the future by intentionally building their lives on Kingdom foundations and a biblical worldview equipping them to live strong empowered lives for Christ.

We are grateful for God's vision and provision in the life of Prestonwood Christian Academy

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Class of 2002

In 25 years the PCA alumni community has grown to 2,032.

There were eight graduates in the inaugural graduating class.  Including the 133 graduates in the Class of 2021, there are now  2,032 Prestonwood Christian Academy Alumni.

  • History
From School to System of Schools

PCA's expansion is in response to the growth of the student body as parents select PCA to partner with them, establishing students for life.

What began as one campus in Plano has grown into a School System of six schools serving more than 2000 students.

Prestonwood Christian Academy was established in 1997, PCA Virtual (Online) in 2009, PCA North in 2014, St. Timothy Christian Academy relocated to the Plano location in 2018, The King's Academy opened in South Dallas in 2019.

We are grateful for the growth and expansion and give all praise and glory to God.  We will continue in our mission to develop faith-filled Lions who will live bold, courageous lives for Christ.

This photo is a fond memory of the early stages of the Lower School building construction,

  • History
Expanding the Vision

Honoring the past and moving forward in the  opportunities of the future.

As we reflect on 25 years of impact, let’s be reminded that God has orchestrated every step along the journey. From small beginnings to the new expansions, we continue to daily hear stories of Christ’s impact on the lives of our students, teachers, alumni, and community. We are grounded in proud traditions, and roaring forward into God’s gift of future opportunities. 

Michael Goddard, Ed.D. 
Prestonwood Christian Academy System of Schools


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