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St. Timothy Christian Academy

Two Schools One Heart

The partnership of Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA) and St. Timothy Christian Academy (STCA) is mutually beneficial, extending the possibilities of serving families and students on a broader spectrum of learning differences. PCA and STCA believe that all children are the image bearers of Christ and are created to be useful members of the body of Christ. Both STCA and PCA are fully committed to serving students of families who desire a uniquely Christian education for their children, equipping the whole child for life from a biblical perspective.

St. Timothy Christian Academy and Prestonwood Christian Academy share a philosophical and educational like-mindedness that will provide students from STCA with educational, athletic and other co-curricular opportunities previously unavailable to them.

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Recognizing the unique learning style of each student, St. Timothy Christian Academy is committed to bringing academic success to students who may have faced failures in traditional classroom settings. The delivery of education is modified or accommodated depending on each student’s academic need. Modification refers to altering the content or assignment so that the learned material and/or grading differs from the traditional program. Skilled in innovative teaching methods and approaches, the staff at St. Timothy Christian Academy strives to stimulate the learning style of each student through the adaptation of individualized curriculum, specialized assessments, pacing, and grading that is tailored to each child.

This chart will help you determine which learning environment is optimal for your student. In instances where both PCA and STCA serve students with identified learning needs, the Learning Lab is equipped to serve students whose diagnosis is mild to moderate