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Academic Excellence

2017 AP Scholars

  • National AP Scholars - 3
  • AP Scholars with Distinction - 14
  • AP Scholars with Honor - 7
  • AP Scholars - 14

AP Test Scores 2016-17

Total AP Students98
Number of Exams231
AP Students with Scores 3+89
% of Total AP Students w/ Scores 3+90.860.349.9

National Merit Scholars

  • Class of 2017 National Merit Commended - 7
  • Class of 2017 National Merit Semifinalist - 1
  • Class of 2018 National Merit Commended - 2
  • Class of 2018 National Merit Semifinalist - 1

Class of 2018 Standardized Test Scores

SAT Scores:

PCA Top 25%PCANatlTexas



ACT Scores:

PCA Top 25%PCANatlTexas

Class of 2018 Grade Point Average

Class of 2018 Grade Point Average (GPA)
Cumulative weighted GPA through May 2017

GPA# of Students% of Class

*Class of 2018 Grade Point Average (as of end of 2016-17.) Includes students new to PCA who have not established a GPA.

Future Problem Solvers Success


Community Problem Solving Junior Individual Champion – James Jordan (Coach: Lisa Quintana)

Scenario Writing Team Competition (individuals from various states/countries)

(Coach: Shannon Lichty)

  • Middle Division – 2nd Place – Paloma Minshew-Diaz
  • Senior Division - 2nd Place – Josh Anil

Scenario Performance (Coach: Susan Ellis)

  • Middle Division – 2nd Place – Anna Murray
  • Senior Division – 2nd Place – Karen Sculley

Presentation of Action Plan (Coach: Trudy Reed assisted by Rachel Christopher)

  • Middle Division - 4th Place:
  • Kori Brown, Ila Caron, Ishawnia Christopher, Ronia Christopher, Brianna Devadoss, Joanna Anil

MAGIC –Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Problem Solving (Students compete with team members from other affiliates) (Coach: Shannon Lichty)

  • Middle Division – 2nd Place: Carson Ruley
  • Senior Division – 1st Place: Avery Rudd

FPS State Bowl Results

Global Issues Problem Solving:

State Champion Junior Team: Kristin Eng, Bella Erwin, Emma Kate Mullican, Pateel Toranian

Third Place Middle Team: Kori Brown, Ila Caron, Ishawnia Christopher, Ronia Christopher

State Champion Senior Team: Lexi Colan, Jordi Gile, Avery Powell, Natania Christopher

Scenario Writing:

State Champion Junior: Bettina Devadoss

State Champion Middle: Paloma Diaz-Minshew

State Champion Senior: Josh Anil

Scenario Performance:

State Champion Junior: London Yount

State Champion Middle: Samantha Seal

State Champion Senior: Karen Sculley

Community Problem Solving Individual:

Overall Individual Grand Champion: James Jordan

Arts Excellence

Visual Arts Awards in 2016-17

National K12 Ceramic Exhibition - Five works selected for exhibit: Bailey Pottery Award, Orton Cone Award, Artistic Merit Award, Curator Book Award.

Scholastic Art and Writing National Competition: 27 students won 57 Awards. Five Regional Gold Key Awards and two National Silver Key Awards. Images are displayed at Carnegie Hall and at a national ceramics exibitions

Vocal Arts Awards in 2016-17

US Choir: Rated Superior at ACSI, 15 All-Region and 9 All-State

MS Choir: Four Superior Ratings (solo & ensemble) at ACSI and 4 All-Region.

Instrumental Music Awards in 2016-17

US Marching Band: Rated Superior at ACSI and 3rd for Large Band at State.

US Band: Rated Superior/Excellent at ACSI, 14 rated Superior, 4 rated All-Region and 3 were All-State.

MS Band: 2 were All-Region.

Theatre Awards in 2016-17

ITS: 19 Upper School students won two State championships and qualified for Nationals. A student won at Nationals for monologue.

MS Jr. ITS: Group/Solo Musical qualified for Nationals.

MS One Act Play: won 3rd place in District.

Communication Arts Excellence

Mock Trial

1st place co-champs in District

5th place in State

Speech and Debate

MS placed 3rd in Congress at District.

Private Schools Interscholastic Association

1st in Prose at District

4th in Prose at State

Yearbook - Lion's Lair

3rd place at State (TAPPS)

School Newspaper - Lion Nation Online

Transitioned from traditional paper to online newspaper at including an app!

ACSI Speech Meet

Plano Lower School (32):
Superior: 19
Bronze: 4
Silver: 4
Gold: 3

Plano Middle School (27):
Superior: 17
Bronze: 5
Silver: 5
Gold: 5

PCA North (17):
Superior: 7
Bronze: 0
Silver: 2
Gold: 2

PCA Campus Ministry Team - A Difference Factor

Click the document below to view the full-size PDF!

Athletics Excellence

In 2016-17, Prestonwood Christian Academy student-athletes won State or National Championships in the following sports:

  • Competitive Cheer
  • Men’s Basketball

Additionally, an individual State Championship medal was won in the following event:

  • Women's Golf - Julia Gregg

PCA North Growth

Click below to read an article about our growth at PCA North!

St. Timothy Christian Academy

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PCAplus Student Stories

Chae Campbell

Like many girls her age, ninth grader Chae Campbell enjoys spending time working on flips, tucks and toe touches. But the Carrollton, TX student has taken her gymnastics skills to another level, and even though she's in the gym training for hours each day, thanks to PCAplus Virtual Academy, Chae is still receiving a top-notch Christian education.

During the past eleven years of training, Chae has been moving up the ranks of the gymnastics world and the Campbell family realized that God had truly blessed her with great athletic ability. In June, Chae qualified for the P&G US Championship meet earning the #1 spot in the United States on the vault. Chae was recently offered an athletic scholarship and has verbally committed to UCLA.

PCAplus allows Chae to keep up with her courses and ensure she also receives the Christian worldview training for which PCA is known. "PCAplus Virtual Academy helps me balance my school work and intense training schedule because it allows me to do the work on my timeframe," said Chae. "The courses are academically challenging and I enjoy the Bible integration also. I love that my teachers are supportive and involved even though it's online!"

Jackson McNeece

Jackson McNeece is a senior with PCAplus Virtual Academy. Jackson, a long-time PCA student, moved to Oklahoma with his family after his sophomore year due to his father’s job change. Desiring to continue with an academically rigorous program that is also biblically integrated, Jackson and his family opted for him to continue his academic journey with the PCA family enrolled with PCAplus. This partnership will allow him to graduate with his PCA class in May 2017!

Jackson is a young man of great character who has a strong work-ethic. His dedication to service and his integrity were but two of the deciding factors that caused him to be chosen to serve as a Page in the US Senate this past summer. Jackson served with Senator James Lankford – Oklahoma (Rep) as one of 30 US Senate Pages who were selected nationwide. Senate Pages play an important role in the daily operation of the Senate. Page duties consist primarily of delivery of correspondence and legislative material within the Capitol Complex. Other duties include preparing the Senate Chamber for sessions, taking messages for Senators, calling them to the chamber to vote, and carrying bills and amendments from the presiding officer's desk. Pages also retrieve lecterns, easels, and water for Senators and clerks. A Senate Page is also required to know every Senator from his appointing party as well as the state in which they serve. Jackson was also on the floor when Senator Chris Murphy led one of the top 10 longest filibusters in Congressional history!

"I really believe that the Lord provided the opportunity to serve in the Senate and that PCA/PCAplus prepared me academically. One way is the personal responsibility that is required of me to be liable for my assignments, academic learning, and communication to teachers. That translated to the Senate floor through personal initiative and the willingness to learn new things that would make me successful in that environment. Another key factor is that DC is so liberal that being grounded in my faith and understanding how to respond to others about my faith proved to be an incredible asset over the summer. I was able to witness to my fellow Page friends who were Mormons, Agnostics, Atheists, and others who were searching. These kids would come and ask me ethical questions and engage me in discussion. Over the 4th of July, my parents came to DC to spend the weekend with me. One of my friends was not able to leave for the weekend, so he hung out with us. One night at dinner, and before eating, my dad prayed. My dad thanked God for Emmanuel being with us over the weekend. Several weeks later, before the Pages were being dismissed for the summer, Emmanuel was the emcee of the Paper Plate Award Ceremony. He told the entire Page class that him being prayed for while with my family was one of the most impressionable moments he had while in DC."

Reaia Floyd

Tenth grader Reaia Floyd began her gymnastics journey at one year of age. Showing great ability, she has continued her training for the past 14 years. Reaia is a Level 10 gymnast who recently committed to the University of Pittsburgh, where she will join their gymnastics team, specializing on the uneven bars, in the fall of 2019. Reaia is a former level 4 state champion and was invited to compete in the 2016 Jr. Olympics Nationals.

“PCAplus has allowed me to balance my academics with my gymnastics training schedule. I love that I have the ability to receive individual academic coaching through PCAplus’ Homework Café and that I have been able to participate in some of the on-campus events as well. PCAplus has also helped me establish independent learning skills, which will equip me greatly in my college career.”

Delaney Lindsey

Delaney Lindsey is an accomplished student who loves the Lord and enjoys encouraging others. The PCAplus Virtual Excellence Award is based upon Prestonwood Christian Academy's Portrait of a Graduate and is awarded to a Middle School Student and an Upper School student who seek a rigorous intellectual path, practice a strong work ethic, and have an attitude of selflessness, humility and servanthood.

Delaney was the recipient of the 2016 Middle School Virtual Excellence Award, recipient of the Middle School Academic Excellence award, presented to students earning 90 or higher in all classes, and an inaugural member of the PCAplus Middle School Academic Honor Club.

And, last but not least, Delaney won a National Medal in the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her drawing, "The Lantern." She received her Gold Medal at a National Ceremony at Carnegie Hall in June 2016.

"PCAplus is giving me a great education. I can read through my lesson as much as I would like, and I have more time to work on each assignment. It is also giving me the extended time I need to focus on my art and soccer," said Delaney. "I have the flexibility to come in early or stay late in honors art to finish my pieces. I love that I can do this virtual school in the comfort of my own home as well as being able to go on campus to take Art, Latin and Chapel and stay connected with my friends."

Mrs. Darrellene Lindsey agrees that PCAplus is the right choice for Delaney. "PCAplus has been such a blessing to our family. It fits in well for Delaney's learning style. It is amazing how God has used this and allowed her to focus on and develop the talents and gifts God has given her."

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