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We know that our children are being stretched, nurtured and prepared for success in this earthly life, and more importantly for eternal life with Jesus Christ. I can think of no greater investment that my husband and I can make in the lives of our children.

PCA mom, Mrs. Angie Gray

Prestonwood Christian Academy’s class of 2018 was offered $13.5 million in scholarships for achievement in scholastics, athletics and the arts. Since the first graduating class in 2002, PCA graduates have been offered more than $110 million in scholarships!

Did you know?

Sitting in our classrooms today is the next generation of doctors, lawyers, business owners, executives, teachers, pastors, politicians, moms and dads. They will impact their families' culture as well as that of their church and community.

How does PCA aspire to train students?

At Prestonwood Christian Academy, we are committed to diligently training students to have depth in their belief system-- a belief system that transfers over into their daily lives. What could be more important than the spiritual and scholastic formation of your child's heart and mind? You can read more about what makes PCA different here!

Academic Excellence

Duke Talent Search

Over 2/3 of PCA 7th grade students qualify annually for the Duke Talent Search Program.

Writing across the curriculum

The Collins Thinking and Writing Program helps teachers and students use common vocabulary as well as set levels of expectations on writing across the curriculum and writing in every course, whether it is Music, Science or English. The by-product is to develop good communication skills while emphasizing higher order thinking processes.

Multiple Academic Opportunities

We reach many types of learners. PCA offers a Learning Lab program for those with learning differences. We start ability grouping in Math and Reading in 4th grade through 8th. In 9th -12th grade, on-level, honors/PreAP and AP classes are offered. In addition teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to differentiate content for all learners.

AP Test Scores

PCA Upper School students have an 86 percent Advanced Placement exam pass rate versus the national average of 56 percent. Advanced Placement classes are nationally-recognized, college-level courses. Highly qualified Upper School students gain college credit and recognition in the college admission process when they pass each AP course exam. PCA offers fifteen AP courses throughout subjects.


Prestonwood Christian Academy’s class of 2018 was offered $13.5 million in scholarships for achievement in scholastics, athletics and the arts. Since the first graduating class in 2002, PCA graduates have been offered more than $110 million in scholarships and have matriculated to universities near and far.

National Merit Scholars

PCA has had 16 National Merit Finalists, 17 National Merit Semifinalists, and 63 National Merit Commended students.

AP Scholar Awards

Twenty-five PCA students have earned recognition as AP Scholars. One PCA student, now attending Columbia University, achieved the highest possible score of five on the eight AP exams taken by the student

Socratic Method

PCA is continuing to train teachers on how to integrate higher order thinking skills throughout the curriculum. One means is through Socratic Seminars where students learn to clearly express their opinions with supporting evidence from a text; to question or defend the accuracy of what they read; to challenge the ideas of the author by noting bias, distortion or lack of information; to contrast the accuracy of one text with other sources to form defensible critiques; and to make solid judgments about a text derived from interpretation and inferential information.

Student Centered

Difference Factors

Kingdom Education

PCA is founded on the philosophy of Kingdom education, which focuses on the partnership between the home, school and church. This philosophy sets PCA apart as a biblical worldview training model for the next generation.

Academic Balance

PCA provides balance for the student and the family along with academic rigor.

  • Attention to homework loads
  • Homework relevancy
  • Individual attention and tutoring provided by the faculty
  • Rotating schedule in Middle School
  • Block schedule in Upper School

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is based on qualified needs determined by a 3rd party source and is distributed as available from year to year. In any given year, almost one-third of PCA students receive tuition assistance with an average grant of over $6,000.

College Placement

Our alumni have matriculated to such as...

Ivy League Universities

Princeton, Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia.

Selective Universities

Belmont University, Colgate University, Colorado School of Mines, Duke University, Emory University, Hillsdale College, Marquette University, Tulane University, Vanderbilt University, Rhodes College, Rice University, Wheaton College, University of Southern California, Wake Forest and Washington University.

Major Universities

Baylor University, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri, University of Oklahoma, Texas Christian University, The University of Texas at Austin and Southern Methodist University.

Christian Universities

Abilene Christian University, Baylor University, Cedarville University, Dallas Baptist University, Dordt College, Furman University, Hardin-Simmons University, Howard Payne University, John Brown University, Liberty University, Oklahoma Baptist University, Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Ouachita Baptist University, Palm Beach Atlantic, Samford University, Union University, University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, Wheaton College and The King's College