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Lions Scholar Program

What is the Lions Scholar Program?

The Lions Scholar Program (LSP) is designed to provide an intense study of Western Civilization through literature and biblical worldview training. LSP connects its training to disciplines such as philosophy, literature, science, mathematics, politics, law, art, theater and the humanities. This program can essentially be summed up by the phrase "scholastic discipleship." Disciplining students in the areas of academics in order to better influence those disciplines from a Christian perspective is the heart of the program.

What do students do in LSP?

The Middle School LSP (grades 5-8) is structured around texts by Christian authors. This process prepares students for Upper School LSP which emphasizes great books and significant literature.

The Upper School LSP, as previously mentioned, focuses on great books and significant literature. The LSP classes do not use written exams or textbooks. Instead LSP teaches students to dig directly into the classic works of Western literature and Christianity. Students learn by reading thoroughly and deeply in preparation for class and through discussion over the texts with other outstanding students.

Lions Scholar Graduation Requirements

Students who fulfill the following requirements are eligible to be Lions Scholar Graduates:

  • Pass the Lion Scholar Program with a B or higher
  • Read and write two book reviews each year enrolled in the program
  • Receive credit for four advanced measured classes (AP or dual credit)
  • Choose a specified FOCUS track (Politics/Law/Economics, Theology/Philosophy, Science/Math, Literature/Fine Arts) and write a FOCUS paper during Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years (each year enrolled in the program)
  • Write a Senior thesis
  • Attend two summer study programs
  • Participate in Student Leadership Institute and Distinguished Achievement Program
  • Participate in Lions Scholar Program both Junior and Senior year
  • Graduate "Magna Cum Laude" 3.5 or higher

Lions Scholar Contacts

Steve Lee

Steve Lee

Upper School Apologetics Teacher
PCA Plano, Upper School

Angela Lee

Angela Lee

Seventh Grade History Teacher
PCA Plano, Middle School

The Lions Scholar Program has taught my child to think more deeply and critically about the world around them and to wrestle with big ideas within a biblical context.

PCA Parent