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The PCA STEM curriculum focuses on adding more project-based, hands-on lessons across all of our STEM courses giving students the opportunity to learn in many types of environments.

Recently, PCA has introduced several new technology courses particularly in our Middle and Upper schools, including: Intro to Coding, Intro to App Development, AP Computer Science, Robotics and more, providing students they ability to advance their knowledge of technology.

PCA selects STEM courseware, textbooks, related technology, and hands-on equipment to assist in student learning of the course materials. PCA integrates STEM curriculum with a biblical worldview to equip students in academically and spiritually.

Lower School Curriculum

PCA’s STEM curriculum is based on research that has proven that when lessons are hands-on and project-based, the STEM subjects are more naturally integrated and the learning is more concrete and relevant. Our Lower School has adopted award-winning, nationally-recognized STEMscopes as a curriculum resource to enhance our overall STEM curriculum. STEMscopes, developed by Rice University’s Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship, offers our students and teachers quality instructional materials that drive hands-on learning in classrooms and engages student in inquiry-based practices. By learning through hands-on discovery, STEMscopes is helping our students develop reasoning skills that improve their 21st century skills.

STEMscopes, aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), is currently being piloted in all of PCA’s second and third grade classrooms with an anticipated expansion across our Lower School grades following the success of our pilots.

Middle School Curriculum

Hands-on, inquiry-based science courses combined with new computer science and robotics courses are areas of particular focus for PCA’s Middle School STEM curriculum. Significant investments in inquiry-based curriculum and lab equipment have been made across our Middle School’s life, physical, and earth science classrooms. PCA’s Middle School technology elective course offerings currently include Programming and Robotics. PCA’s Middle School science, math, and technology courses feed directly into PCA’s Upper School advanced-placement STEM course pathways.

Upper School Curriculum

PCA’s Upper School STEM curriculum encompasses five areas—Math, Science, Technology, Engineering and Research. PCA students interested in a STEM career or have a passion for the STEM subjects are encouraged to apply for membership in PCA’s STEM Honors Program.

PCA offers the following advanced-measured STEM courses:


  • Pre-AP Pre-Calculus (Dual college credit)
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics


  • Pre-AP Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Pre-AP Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics C
  • Honors Anatomy

Computer Science

  • Honors Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science in Java
  • Robotics Design, Build, and Program*


  • Honors Engineering


  • STEM Research Methods*
  • STEM Research Project Definition and Design*
  • STEM Research Project Implementation*

*Plans being evaluated to transition these existing courses to honors credit