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Early Childhood

What is our Early Childhood philosophy?

At PCA, we recognize that children are created by God as unique, gifted individuals with natural curiosity, creativity and a sense of wonder. PCA provides a child-centered, nurturing and safe environment that meets the individual needs of each child as they learn and grow. Students in PreK-3 through Kindergarten are considered a part of PCA's Early Childhood program. PCA's experienced teachers partner with parents in developing the mind, body and spirit of each child.

-Paige DeLeon, Lower School Principal

I love the friends that my children are making in the Lower School and how I can tell that these friends will be good accountability partners when they grow up.PCA Parent

Each classroom is an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and students freely interact through engaging centers and play. Your child will flourish in an environment where the home, school and church work together to provide a Kingdom education.

Paige DeLeon, Lower school & early childhood principAl