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Stand Up & Be Heard

What is SUBH?

Project Description

I am so grateful for what my child is learning. I feel confident that she will voice her opinions and views confidently as she ventures on to college and her adult life.PCA Parent

SUBH speeches are related to a subject area project and delivered once per semester.

Every student’s semester speech is filmed on his or her personal device during the peer presentation. Students practice the techniques of professional presentation-- learning qualities such as: proper stance, introduction, eye contact, voice, gestures and vocal control. Students grow in confidence by watching their performance and receiving feedback from their peers, teacher or parent coach.


SUBH is woven into the curriculum for students first through eighth grade to develop confidence in public speaking by equipping them with effective presentation skills.

From the time PCA kids enter preschool, opportunities for public speaking are integrated seamlessly into every school day. This empowers our children with such a vital skill that emboldens them.PCA Parent


Meg Parker-Wilson

Meg Parker-Wilson

Director of Communication Arts
PCA North, PCA Plano