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Lion's Lair

Course Description

This Upper School level course is designed for the publication of the school yearbook. A group of students work as a staff with layout and design software, photography and journalism to create and publish the yearbook. Students learn Adobe Indesign software, the most widely used software for graphic design and publishing. Additionally, students research, gather facts and photograph PCA events for inclusion in the yearbook. Instructor approval required.

Lion's Lair

The Lion's Lair is PCA's Yearbook and home of the staff who diligently work to capture the story of our school each year through photos, layout, theme and written word.


Aubrey Pasant

Aubrey Pasant

Newspaper & Yearbook Teacher
PCA North, PCA Plano, Upper School

Lion's Lair claimed the State Championship at TAPPS academic State Meet for 'On Borrowed Time' 2015 PCA yearbook.