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What is Apple® for Everyone?

Apple® for Everyone gives students tools to access, create, share and collaborate as digital citizens. It is a reflection of our commitment to provide all students with a personalized educational experience.

Apple® for Everyone helps students, parents and teachers collaborate anytime, anywhere by providing the right technology at the right time – whether a laptop (MacBook Air) or tablet (iPad), depending on the learning task. These mobile devices provide students with valuable educational resources which are instrumental in improving achievement and engagement.

To provide students with choice, Apple® for Everyone combines the following elements:

  • Students in Pre-Kindergarten will have access to class sets of iPads
  • Students in grades K - 4 receive an iPad to use at school
  • Students in grade 5 - 6 receive an iPad to use at school or at home
  • Students in grades 7 - 12 receive MacBook Airs to use at school or home
  • MacBook Pros and iPad Pros for teachers and administrators

How much student work will be online?

Online work will vary per classroom and per campus. PCA is leveraging systems such as Canvas (Learning Management System) and Google Apps for Education, which allows students to work both on- and offline.

Do students have to participate in Apple® for Everyone?

Yes. The program is a school-wide initiative that is a core part of our curriculum.

Why Apple® devices?

Apple® devices such as the iPad and MacBooks are proven, media-rich creation tools with a track record of large, successful implementations across the United States. The ease of use and ability to create content empowers students to meet the mission, vision and goals of PCA.

Can my child personalize their computer case?

Yes. The student may either place a paper/photograph between the case and the device, or they may add a sticker to the case only in order to differentiate their computer from those of other students. The student must not deface the device in any way.

Does my child have to use the PCA-provided case?

Yes. PCA has purchased computer and iPad cases that are especially durable for the protection of these devices. Computers and iPads must be in the school-provided case at all times.

Will students take devices with them to the next grade level?

Students in the Lower School will be assigned a device at the beginning of each school year that has been set up for the specific grade level. Students in 5th & 6th grades will keep their iPads. Students in 7th – 12th grades will be assigned the same MacBook Air throughout the life span of the device or throughout the student’s duration at PCA. The PCA Technology Services staff offers technology assistance and repair throughout the school year and summer.

When does a student return their device to PCA?

Students leaving PCA because of graduation or for any other reason must return their device to Technology Services prior to departure.

What is PCA doing about internet security?

PCA and PWBC filters block inappropriate websites. Attempts to view inappropriate content will display a “blocked content” page on the device. Inappropriate content is not allowed on any PCA device.

As digital natives, PCA students have grown up knowing the importance of being responsible digital citizens, and students and parents/guardians are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy, or AUP, stating they have read, understand and will honor these standards.

How do I take care of my device?

It is imperative to keep the devices clean and in working order. Below are some tips to care for device screens:

      • Be cautious with the device, especially when around liquids and/or heat.
      • Do not allow any open cups on the same surface as your device. Cap water bottles and put all drinks on the floor.
      • Do not remove the school-provided case from the device at any time.
      • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use Windex or harsh chemicals on screens.
      • Do not leave a device in an environment with extreme temperatures such as outdoors in the sun or in a car.

Each device comes with a power cord, which should be used to charge the device each evening at home. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their device fully charged to school daily.

Can PCA inspect my child’s device?

Yes. A student’s school-issued device may be selected at random at any time during the school year for inspection to check for restricted images, settings, etc. Parents/guardians should also feel comfortable checking their child’s device for inappropriate content at any time.

Does Apple® for Everyone cost anything?

Parents pay an annual PCA Technology Fee based on the student's grade level (billed at enrollment and re-enrollment).

What if I can't locate my iPad or MacBook?

Lower School - Report to your teacher ASAP

Upper School - Report to the HelpDesk in person ASAP