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Instrumental Music

PCA PRIDE Marching Band brass section (September 2015)

Spring Band Concert (April 2016)

TPSMEA Middle School Honor Band members
(Spring 2016)

Spring Band Concert (April 2016)

PCA PRIDE Marching Band percussion (September 2015)

About PCA's Instrumental music program

Prestonwood Christian Academy’s instrumental music program continues to grow each year. With a beginning band class of around 60 students each year feeding into the upper levels, there is great excitement about what the future holds. The PCA band has a strong presence in the Prestonwood community, playing at many events both on and off campus, and leading the charge at many of our athletic events.

Read more about our programs below!

Beginning Band

PCA’s instrumental music program begins in sixth grade, as students are given their first opportunity to pick up an instrument and be a part of Beginning Band. Students learn the basics of instrumental technique, learning how to assemble their instrument, posture, embouchure and more. Beginning band performs in two concerts throughout the year.

Middle School Band

Middle School Band is comprised of Seventh and Eighth grade students. At this level, they continue their study as repertoire increases in difficulty, with major emphasis on musicianship. They perform in at least two concerts throughout the year, as well as being invited to play at selected football games and traveling to a music festival for competition.

Upper School Band

Advanced Band

As students transition to Upper School band, musicianship becomes the primary focus as the repertoire continues to increase in difficulty. Marching is introduced as a part of the curriculum, as well as participation during Friday night football games. There are numerous performance opportunities throughout the year in concert and festival settings, as well as field trips, pep rallies, and games. Upper level students are encouraged each year to audition for All-State band. Recent years have seen great success at All-State with students achieving first and second chair placements.

Pride Pep Band

P.R.I.D.E. Stands for Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Desire and Excellence! It is also a family of Lions. These are the attributes that we instill in our band members. This is the top-performing Band at PCA. Students receive ½ credit of fine arts and ½ credit of Physical Education for this class. Students have the opportunity to continue their instrumental development at the most advanced levels.

Practice at home is required. In the Fall Semester, this ensemble is a Marching Band serving as a spirit group for and supporter of the PCA varsity football team. It provides members with the opportunity to fine-tune motor skills and develop their instrumental abilities through the performance of marching Band drill. In addition to half-time performances at all varsity football games, the Band performs at TPSMEA State Marching Contest, pep rallies, parades and other special events. Attendance at all after-school rehearsals and performances is mandatory.

String Ensemble

PCA's String Ensemble is offered to Upper School students who already play a stringed instrument and are looking for an ensemble opportunity. This course is offered on an "as-needed" basis.


Larry Reynolds
PCA Band Director

Larry Reynolds is in his 27th year as a music educator and currently serves as the Director of Bands at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas. He is originally from Hot Spring, AR and has a Bachelors Degree in Music Education form Henderson State University. He has lived in the North Dallas area since 1991, and he and his family attend Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. Previously he has taught in the Lewisville Independent School District, where he was the Associate Director of Instrumental Music Studies at Griffin Middle School. In addition Mr. Reynolds has taught at Staley Middle School in Frisco, Kaufman High School, Lone Oak High School, Little Elm High School and Bishop Lynch High School, where his bands took top honors in numerous contests and festivals at the local, state, and national level, including the 2005 Texas Private School Music Educators Association Division 1 State Marching Band Championship. Mr. Reynolds has been married to his wife Robbie for twenty-eight years and they have two children. Luke, who plays Tuba and will be a freshman at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK and Lydia who plays Trombone and will be a Sophomore at Prestonwood Christian Academy.

Combined Band Clarinet section (April 2016)

PCA Band in rehearsal (August 2015)

PCA PRIDE Marching Band preparing for marching contest
(August 2015)

Competitions and Awards

  • Superior Ratings - 3rd overall at TPSMEA State Marching Contest
  • Superior Ratings at TPSMEA Concert & Sight-reading
  • 4 Band members selected to TPSMEA All-State Band
  • 9 Members Selected to TPSMEA North Region Honor Band
  • 11 Members Selected to advance to TPSMEA State Solo & Ensemble
2015 - 16
  • Superior Ratings 3rd overall at the TPSMEA State Marching Contest
  • Superior Ratings at TPSMEA Concert & Sightreading Evaluation
  • 3 Band members selected to the TPSMEA All-State Honor Band
  • 7 Members Selected to advance to TPSMEA State Solo & Ensemble
2014 - 15
  • Superior & Excellent Ratings at TPSMEA Concert & Sightreading Evaluation
  • 2 Band members selected to the TPSMEA All-State Honor Band
  • 4 Members Selected to advance to TPSMEA State Solo & Ensemble

2013 - 14
  • Excellent Ratings at TPSMEA Concert & Sightreading Evaluation
  • 1 Band members selected to the TPSMEA All-State Honor Band
  • 3 Members Selected to advance to TPSMEA State Solo & Ensemble


Sixth grader Macy Dale in Beginning Band (2015-16)

PCA's Strings Ensemble performing at the Zig Ziglar Banquet
(Spring 2016)

PCA 2015-16 String Ensemble with instructor and Assistant Band Director
Jessica Watts (left)

Sam Worrell (Class of 2016) and Sophia Taylor

Adrien Mongollon, Sydney Johnson and
Allie Jackson (Class of 2016)

Middle School Band Spring Performance (2015-16)

TPSMEA MS Honor Band students

Band Instructors hard at work

End of year combined band performance (2015-16)

Being involved in a musical ensemble like the PCA band has so many benefits for our students – socially, spiritually, academically. We spend so much time together! We work hard, we play hard, we achieve high. For our members, the band is a home away from home with a remarkable sense of community and family.

larry reynolds, pca band director

Middle School Band at Sandy Lake FunFest (April 2016)

PRIDE Marching Band Trumpet solo (October 2015)