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This section provides families with the forms that are required for PCA Middle School students. Please click on the links below for a downloadable form.

**Note - All PCA Middle School students must complete and turn in the Statement of Cooperation at the schedule pick up tables located in the atrium of Prestonwood Baptist Church on August 13th at our Back to School Day to obtain a class schedule and locker assignment.

  • Fall Retreat - ALL students 5-8th are required to register for the retreat. Please note that students will not be able to obtain their schedule without being registered for the retreat. For assistance, please contact Koko Carroll at To register for the retreat, click here


This section provides you with additional information that pertains to the Back to School summer packet for Middle School.

PCA School Lunch Program (SAGE Dining)

We are excited about our partnership with SAGE Dining, PCA’s new lunch provider. SAGE uses organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible to support sustainable practices and feels strongly about fostering community at PCA through healthy dining.

Since participation in the Dining Program is campus inclusive, and enrollment in the program was handled at time of re-enrollment or enrollment, students will not need any kind of ID card and there will not be check-out lines in the Dining Halls. Seventh and Eighth Graders will experience three main offerings set up at several stations throughout the Dining Hall so that students will not have to wait in lines. Several “Main Ingredient” stations offering a choice of two entrees with vegetables and other sides; a “Crossroads” station, which will have rotations of specialty sandwiches, and “Seasonings” options which will have rotations of customizable entrees (such as pasta or specialty bowls). In addition to these options, each day there will also be a self-serve Salad Bar, a Deli Bar (with panini presses) and soup stations.

Fifth and Sixth Graders will have elements similar to the Seventh and Eighth Graders to ensure variety, however due to the age group it will be streamlined slightly. The same variety is offered with two hot options, sandwiches and salads. They will also have access to a Salad and Deli Bar (with panini presses), as well as soup stations.

PCA will post Sage’s menu each quarter at, along with nutritional info. Additionally, SAGE has an app that you and your student(s) can use to check out menus, recommend items, leave feedback and more. On the App Store it’s called Touch Of SAGE.