Emergency Notifications

One of Prestonwood Christian Academy's priorities is the safety of its students, faculty and staff. For the most part, an email and/or text message and PCA's social media pages will notify our campus community of closings due to icy roads or severe weather.

Inclement Weather Policy

It may be necessary to close or delay the start of school because of ice, snow or other inclement weather. Additionally, school may need to dismiss early due to inclement weather. It is important that you tune in to a local radio or TV station when there is a question regarding inclement weather or dangerous road conditions. We will update the PCA website and notify most major area radio and televisions of any delays, closures or early dismissals.

The bus will not operate on days when school is closed due to inclement weather. If PCA announces a late start or an early release due to inclement weather, please check the website for information regarding bus transportation times.

The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority when making decisions for cancellation of school. As always, check the PCA website, Facebook (PrestonwoodChristianAcademy) and Twitter (@prestonwoodPCA) accounts as well as local news channels for the most up-to-date information regarding school closings and rescheduled activities.

Disaster Drills/Emergency Procedures

Practice drills will be provided for fire and tornado safety precautions. Fire drill charts are posted in each classroom.

Evacuation practices will be conducted and recorded in an orderly fashion. Fire drills will be held throughout the year in conjunction with state and local requirements. Students will be informed of proper escape routes and procedures on the first day of school.

Pulling the fire alarm with undue cause will result in reporting to the county fire department, and/or disciplinary action. Careless or malicious initiating of a false alarm is an extreme offense that could lead to serious injury in an attempt to evacuate the building.
Deliberate offenses will be handled with the utmost severity. The student and his/her family will become financially responsible for fees resulting from a false alarm.

The Crisis Management Plan adopted by Prestonwood Christian Academy is available in the PCA Asst. Head of School office.