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Library & Media

Our goal is to provide materials, space and assistance that encourages and supports students and faculty.

PCA Library/Media System

PCA's Library/Media System offers print, AV and digital resources as well as assistance for teachers and students. The system strives to help students develop the skills needed to analyze, evaluate, interpret and communicate information and ideas.

PreK through 6th Grade

Plano Campus PreK through Sixth Grade classes visit the library weekly. Developmentally appropriate lessons and story time for early childhood are part of the library curriculum. As students learn to discern truth through critical analysis of printed material, lessons are designed to further their research skills. Students through 6th grade are expected to spend some time each week reading for enjoyment in their classrooms.

The Accelerated Reader program is emphasized to further instill a love for reading and learning. Books are at the heart of the library. Book talks, a visiting authors program, and the acquisition of curriculum-centered books with student appeal are some of the ways reading is encouraged throughout the year.

Multi-media computers are available for students to use for research as well as enhance library skills.

7th through 12th Grade

The Plano Campus Upper School Media Center provides students an atmosphere where “loving to read” and “becoming lifelong seekers of Truth” are sought and encouraged. With that in mind, the Media Center seeks to offer a wide range of resources, assistance, instruction as well as an environment where students are encouraged to read for excellence, develop their minds and think as mature believers.

As our students grow in discernment, we desire to help them apply critical-thinking skills to their reading and information-seeking behaviors in responding to the PCA curriculum. Our instruction, assistance and materials are intended to supply students with the information they need to gain a big picture perspective of the world and engage their culture with biblically-sound thoughts, ideas and truth.

Library/Media Contacts

Lucy Towle

Lucy Towle

Librarian/Media Technologist
PCA Plano, Middle School, Upper School
Julie Carlyle

Julie Carlyle

Media Center Librarian
PCA Plano, Lower School
Judy Steen

Judy Steen

PCA North