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Learning Lab

What is the foundation for the Learning Lab?

Believing that all children are the image bearers of Christ and are created to be useful members of the body of Christ, Prestonwood Christian Academy is fully committed to serving students of families who desire a uniquely Christian education for their children. The established Learning Lab program enables the school to meet the diverse educational needs of each student while equipping the whole child for life from a biblical perspective.

What does the Learning Lab provide?

The Learning Lab…

  • Monitors student’s academic progress
  • Provides extended time on tests if needed
  • Provides classroom accommodations according to the Student Support Plan
  • Provides help with study skills and organizational skills
  • Provides an environment with less distractions
  • Provides support and training for the classroom teacher
  • Provides ongoing communication between home and school
  • Serves as a liaison between the student and the teacher

Middle School - Fifth through Eighth Grade

The PCA Middle School academic support program for students with learning differences requires separate enrollment and may be selected as an elective to receive small group assistance. It can include receiving services such as case management and progress monitoring, test taking in the lab along with classroom accommodations. When students attend Learning Lab as an elective, during monitored sessions they are able to complete assignments and make-up work, have extended time for tests, and use this time to consult with instructors as to their progress on upcoming assignments, tests or projects.

PCA North Learning Lab Teacher

Kristin Hummel

Kristin Hummel

PCA North K-8th Grade Learning Lab Teacher
PCA North

Contact the Learning Lab

Cheryl Burns

Cheryl Burns

Director of Learning Lab
PCA North, PCA Plano