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Enrichment opportunities at Prestonwood Christian Academy are designed to enhance the vertically-aligned curriculum through the addition of innovative learning experiences which extend beyond the classroom.

Middle School

Biblical Worldview Institute

One of the most distinctive elements of Prestonwood Christian Academy is the school’s intentional focus on developing a biblical worldview. Biblical Worldview Institute was created to give students, faculty and parents the opportunity to think critically about Christianity around the world!

Check out our Biblical Worldview Institute page to learn about this year's conference and watch speakers from past years!

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Truth- Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

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High Touch, High Tech

High Touch, High Tech provides fun, interactive, hands-on science and nature experiences for students without having to leave their classrooms. Through a discovery style of learning, students are engaged in science content. All of the programs are a complement to the science curriculum in place.

Stand Up and Be Heard

The purpose of the Stand Up and Be Heard Program is to help students lose the fear of presenting in front of a group by equipping them with effective presentation skills. The program starts in First Grade with one videoed oral presentation and continues from Second through Eighth Grades with two videoed oral presentations a year. Students learn about key areas of good presentation: stance, introduction, eye contact, voice, gestures and ending. The key component of the program is that students are videoed as they give their presentation and then within the following week a parent meets with each student individually giving them positive feedback as they watch their personal presentation. Students grow in confidence as they learn some key essential elements to oral presentations.

Click here for more information about PCA's Communication Arts Program and how students can get involved!

Constitutional Convention

The year was 1787. The place: the State House in Philadelphia, the same location where the Declaration of Independence had been signed eleven years earlier. For four months, fifty-five delegates from the several states met to frame a Constitution for a federal republic that would last into "remote futurity." Prestonwood Christian Academy's Fifth Grade students portray those delegates to that convention and the framing of the federal Constitution. This meaningful activity involves active debate on the key issues of the day and challenges our students to think critically.


PCA is committed to teaching students about a healthy lifestyle. The FitnessGram is a series of physical activities done by students in a controlled setting in order to obtain a benchmark of their overall fitness level. The testing consists of several components such as a pacer test, push-ups, curl-ups, a trunk lift, and a BMI measurement that provide an indication of a student’s level of fitness. Results are sent home, along with a letter of explanation, after all test data is entered. This is repeated annually in order to track growth.

Regional Fair

The regions of the United States are geographic areas which include multiple states. Prestonwood Christian Academy Fifth Grade students celebrate the triumphant work of our forefathers in the development of the delicious foods, crafts and history of each region of America.


Competitions at Prestonwood Christian Academy offer an opportunity for students to stretch themselves through oral and written communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, exercising creativity, collaboration through teamwork, risk taking and more.

Please see the competition's specific tab if you wish to register your student.

Middle School

Future Problem Solvers State and National Competition

Team Global Issues Problem Solving Competition

This elective program is designed for those students who desire to be challenged at a higher level through competition. Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) is an international competitive program where gifted and high-achieving students compete in teams of three or four after researching topics that have implications for the future and are of global concern. Students utilize reading strategies while reviewing non-fiction material necessary for researching the FPSPI topics for the year. The topics are always interdisciplinary, but reading and language arts skills dominate the content of the program. The program develops creative thinking, research skills, critical and analytical thinking skills, communication skills (oral/written), problem solving strategies, as well as increases awareness of and interest in the future.

As part of the FPSPI team competition, students are required to research a given topic prior to competition, then in a two-hour time period, they are given a future scene or scenario based on the topic that contains a problem for them to address. Teams must generate and write sixteen challenges, choose one to solve, develop sixteen solutions, write five criteria questions in which to evaluate their best solution, then write a persuasive essay selling the team’s best solution. The work from each team is then forwarded to the state office for evaluation. Winners on problem three each year are then invited to compete at the state bowl in Austin, Texas. Winners at the state level advance to international competition. Some examples of the topics covered in FPSPI over the past few years are: nanotechnology, immigration, climate threats/change, orphaned children, sensory overload, cyber conflict, child labor, and genetic engineering. Participating in FPS takes commitment and dedication. The problem solving skills necessary to perform in FPSPI are skills corporations and businesses of all kinds would desire from an employee.

Teams that qualified for the state bowl on the third competition travel to Austin the third weekend in April. The first and second place winners at the state bowl compete at the international conference in May. Students are graded on their individual performance not what they do collectively as a team.

Scenario Writing

In conjunction with the Future Problem Solving Program International curriculum, students compose futuristic short stories (1,500 words or less) related to one of the current year's topics. Stories are first submitted for in school competition, and then several in each age division are selected to advance to the state competition. The first, second, and third place winner in each affiliate (state) program is invited to the FPSPI International writing competition. The first place state winner and all international finalists are invited to the International Conference to compete in an on-site writing competition.

ACSI Speech Meet

Click Here for more information about PCA's Communication Arts Program and how students can get involved!

Spelling Bee

The ACSI Spelling Bee is held annually for students in third through eighth grades. ACSI provides a list of spelling words designed to help students integrate both writing and reading exercises with spelling. Students first compete within their grade level with the top students advancing to the District competition. From the District level, students in fifth through eighth grades become eligible to advance to the Regional competition. The objective of this competition is to develop good spelling habits, good vocabulary, and proper communication as well as to promote fellowship with students from other Christian schools.

The In-House Spelling Bees at the North Campus will take place the week of November 26. The District Spelling Bee will take place on Friday, February 1, 2019, at Firewheel Christian Academy.

The spelling word list will be available through NetClassroom/Canvas on October 29.

Registration is not necessary for the In-House Spelling Bees as all North campus students in third through eighth grade will participate with their grade level.

For more questions regarding Spelling Bee, contact Anslie Dysart in the Curriculum office at, or call 972-930-4015.

ACSI Math Olympics

The ACSI Math Olympics is held annually for students in third through eighth grades. Students first compete within their grade level with the top students advancing to the District competition. All North Campus students in grades 3-8 will take part in the In-House competitions in both Computation and Reasoning, so registration is not necessary. From the District level, students become eligible to advance to the Regional competition. The objective of this competition is to stimulate an interest in math and provide opportunities for fellowship with math students from other Christian schools. Students are also recognized for their achievements and are given the opportunity to glorify God through their mathematical abilities.

To learn more, click on the link below to view Information Sheet and Testing Instructions.

For questions regarding Math Olympics, contact Anslie Dysart in the Curriculum office at or call 972-930-4015.