PCA Uniform Provider

PCA school uniforms are available through DENNIS Uniform Company. A committee of staff and parents researched various options, and selected DENNIS Uniform because of their reputation for high quality and good customer service. DENNIS is a long-term player in the school uniform business and has been operating since 1920. The majority of their uniforms are made in the U.S. Click here to read an introduction from Thomas Shipley, Chairman of the DENNIS Uniform Manufacturing Company.

DENNIS Uniform offers PCA parents several ways to obtain uniforms. Purchasing through a customer-friendly online site was a priority for our parents, and that is DENNIS' specialty. In addition, DENNIS will have a local storefront that will open for the summer months. There will be special onsite shopping days prior to the start of the school year where DENNIS Uniform Company will provide full inventory access at both PCA campuses. Finally, DENNIS Uniform Company will provide a shopping kiosk at The Hub Spirit Store. Parents and students can examine merchandise and try on clothing to check sizes, prior to ordering.


Are our uniforms changing, or are they the same as what we had with Parker Uniforms?
The dress code remains the same; parents will just order the same type of uniforms from DENNIS Uniform. Students will be able to continue wearing all current uniform options, and as they purchase new items, they will purchase from the new vendor, DENNIS Uniform.

What are my purchasing options with DENNIS Uniform?
There are three ways to purchase:

  1. Online: DENNIS Uniforms may be purchased through a secure easy-to-use website at Items purchased will be shipped to student homes. There will soon be a kiosk at The Hub Spirit Store to review uniform options and sizes if parents would like to investigate their options prior to a purchase.
  2. Wait for the Summer Storefront: A pop-up store will be opened to facilitate the busy summer months. Approximately 90% of school uniforms are purchased during June through August months, so DENNIS will open a temporary store located conveniently to PCA.

Are DENNIS Uniforms more expensive than Parker Uniforms?
DENNIS Uniforms are, on average, about 15-20% less than Parker Uniforms, but pricing varies by item. As a reminder, the Used Uniform Sale (held in the spring) will still be an option for purchasing uniforms, and existing Parker Uniforms will still be accepted for this sale.

The Prestonwood Christian Academy dress code policy is by the adoption of a uniform program as laid out in the PCA Handbook. Click here for a handy PCA Uniform Guide. All uniforms must be purchased from DENNIS Uniform.

There are clear Biblical principles which should govern the choice for dress:

  • Dress and grooming styles are deemed inappropriate if they attract undue attention to the outward appearance, detracting from the reflection of Christ, which initiates internally. 1 Timothy 2:9
  • Dress is to be distinctively masculine and feminine, reflecting a wholesome appreciation for God’s creative plan. Deuteronomy 22:5
  • Immodesty in dress is incompatible for a Christian individual as one indwelt by the Holy Spirit, God Himself. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20