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Sex Trafficking Parent Training

Sex trafficking is the presence of force, fraud, or coercion resulting in a sex act with an adult or any sexual act with a minor. Unfortunately, this happens every day somewhere in our country, and in our own communities as well. There are ways to prevent trafficking and recognize the warning signs of a predator in order to best protect your children.

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SEX TRAFFICKING Training Topics:

  • Dangers of Sex Trafficking
  • Who are the "buyers" of children
  • Online Profiling
  • Tactics of a Predator
  • Red Flags and Warning Signs a child may be in danger
  • What to do if you believe a child is being trafficked

Last year during Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi), many of our students and faculty had the incredible privilege of hearing from Jaco Booyens. You can see Jaco’s presentation from BWi here.

Sex Trafficking: A Personal Story

Jaco Booyens is a former professional athlete, a native of South Africa and an American citizen. He is a defender of life and a Fellow of the Falkirk Center at Liberty University, and founder of Jaco Booyens Ministries through which he promotes morality and Christianity as it intersects with life, politics and liberty in the United States and abroad. Jaco is the CEO of After Eden Pictures, and as the oldest brother of a sex trafficking survivor Ilonka Deaton, Jaco directed the feature film 8 DAYS to bring to awareness to human trafficking in the USA and abroad. Jaco actively speaks around the world in a variety of formats. Learn more at