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PCA Dining Program

PCA is proud to partner with SAGE Dining, the premier school dining provider. SAGE uses organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible to support sustainable practices and feels strongly about fostering community at PCA through healthy dining.

Daily offerings satisfy most dietary needs, including nut-free and gluten-free, and students have the opportunity to create a meal tailored to them. There are procedures in place to alert parents and students of potential allergens and an executive chef assists in the preparation of food, assuring recipes are followed according to directions with no added ingredients.

Educational Seasonings provides students with the opportunity to learn about ingredients, cuisines and cooking methods with the philosophy that learning isn't just limited to the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to taste food and flavors from around the world.

Participation in the Dining Program is campus inclusive, and enrollment in the program is handled at time of re-enrollment or enrollment.

PCA Sage Contacts:

Marshall Garrett - Food Service Director
Michele Portner - Head of Catering
Shaun Vaughn - Executive Chef

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "community-inclusive dining"?

With community-inclusive dining, students pay a flat fee for dining services in addition to tuition, which entitles them to full participation in the SAGE Program. Students are served an appropriate portion and are welcome to return for unlimited seconds. Students, faculty, and administrators gather daily to share a meal to reconnect and recharge.

How much will the Dining Fee be for my student?

PCA Meal Plan - Campus Inclusive - 2018-19 School Year

Annual Dining FeeEstimated Meal DaysAvg Cost per Meal
PreK (3 day program)$420105$4.00
PreK & Kinder$695175$3.97
LS: 1st-4th Grade$765175$4.37
MS: 5th-8th Grade$845175$4.83
US: 9th-12th Grade$895175$5.11

Is there any kind of financial assistance with the lunch program?

Specific assistance is not offered for the lunch program itself, but we would encourage people to apply for tuition assistance where this will be considered as part of the qualifying calculations.

What about allergies?

SAGE provides national expertise on allergy accommodations and ADA compliance. All SAGE Team Members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness. Parents are welcome to schedule times to visit kitchens and ask about inventories and preparation methods. There is also an online allergen filter and comprehensive ingredient list that will allow parents and students to plan ahead every day.

We are pleased that SAGE specializes in school lunch programs, and has proven ways to handle food allergies. Foods will be labeled and alternatives will be available, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, etc… Should a child have a life-threatening allergy, a family can work with the school nurses, and the SAGE nutritionist. If it is mutually decided that the dining program is unable to meet the needs of the student, parents can bring forms from their doctors describing the food issues, and the student would be excluded from the dining program.

My child is a picky eater - what will there be for them to eat?

We understand and agree that it is important that each child has food that is nutritious, and that they like to eat. The meal time should be a chance to re-charge body and mind.

Each day a variety will be served including two hot lunch offerings, salads, fruits, deli/sandwich counters, and more. In addition, with the unlimited seconds that this buffet style offers, student should be able to eat their fill. We are confident that students will be able to find foods they like, and even expand their tastes to new foods.

Can parents come and eat lunch with their students?

Yes, parents are always welcome to eat with their students and may purchase a meal at a set price of $6.00. This will be paid when checking in with the receptionist and will be noted as paid on the visitor badge.

Will there be a difference in the food offerings between the LS cafeteria and the MS/US cafeteria?

Lower School and 5th & 6th grades have elements similar to the Upper School to ensure variety, however due to the age group it is streamlined slightly. The same variety is offered with two hot options, sandwiches and salads. There is access to the salad and deli bar (with panini presses for 4th and up), as well as the soup stations.

Upper School has three main offerings set up at several stations throughout the Dining Hall so that students spend less time waiting in lines. Several “Main Ingredient” stations offer a choice of two entrees with vegetables and other sides; a “Crossroads” station has rotations of specialty sandwiches, and “Seasonings” options which has rotations of customizable entrees (such as pasta or specialty bowls). In addition to these options, each day there is also a self-serve Salad Bar, a Deli Bar (with panini presses), and soup stations.

How will PreK and Kindergarten students be served unlimited seconds from the classrooms?

PreK and Kindergarten students eat in their classrooms, but food will be sent from the main kitchen for the entire class, with family style extras for hungrier eaters. Teacher aides will assist in distributing lunch and ensuring students are eating a healthy mix of foods. Parents will not have to “pre-order” any menu items.

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