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Speech and Debate

What is Speech & Debate?

Course Descriptions

Speech Communications: The Speech course is an introductory one-semester course through which students learn the basics of public speaking. Students learn how to outline, research appropriate material, and effectively deliver a speech. The various kinds of speeches that are covered are: impromptu, informative, persuasive, and oral interpretation.

First-Sixth Grade Speech Meet

  • PCA is a chapter member of the Association Christian Schools International and competes in the District Speech Meet each spring semester. Students 1st-6th grade are eligible to compete at the In-House Speech Meet competition prior to ACSI District Meet.
  • For more information regarding Speech Meet go to MyPCA Communication Arts.

Speech & Debate Team

  • The program is for Upper and Middle School students desiring to excel in interpretation, speech, debate and competition.

Joining the team helped me advance in the art of argumentation and introduced me to life long friends

Pca student


The National and State tournaments represent the ultimate in achievement within our membership while our honorary society rewards participation in the activity across the board. As our society communicates increasingly faster in this age of information, our mission is perhaps more relevant than ever.


Kim Stidham

Kim Stidham

Speech Teacher, Assistant Speech Coach
PCA Plano, Upper School

Speech and Debate taught me how to bring life to the words i read on paper and helped me enjoy speaking in public

Pca student

Through this program I've learned the importance of efficient communication & developed long lasting friendships

Pca student