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One-to-One Technology at PCA

Beginning in Kindergarten, each PCA North student has access to a school-provided Apple electronic device—iPads through 6th grade before graduating to MacBooks in 7th grade. We see this one-to-one technology as a tool to expand the students’ overall learning experience, taking learning far beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. We live in an information-based society and one-to-one technology opens up that world of information to every student in every classroom.

How are we staying relevant?

Our teachers use digital projectors, document cameras and stream videos to engage students visually and aurally. Teachers also help students connect ideas with concept-mapping software such as Inspiration and Timeliner.

How do students use technology?

Teachers encourage students to express their learning through video presentations, word clouds, digital art and blogs. In science, students use tools such as net books, student response systems and probes to explore concepts and interact with the teacher.

How can you use technology at home?

myPCA allows students and parents to view upcoming assignments, track progress in classes, check attendance records. Families can also access resources such as class newsletters, study guides and project rubrics.