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We value the arts!

The fine arts are a key component of the liberal arts education that Prestonwood Christian Academy is committed to providing. Academic rigor across all areas of curriculum helps students develop a strong work ethic as they are encouraged to give their best in all things, “As working for the Lord, rather than man,” Col. 3:23.

The need for Christian artists in the world is great – whether they are artists or actors, singers or instrumentalists. It is my privilege to play a part in the nurturing and developing of the talented young people walking our halls who will go out and truly engage the culture for Christ.Joel T. Rutherford
Director of Fine Arts

What does PCA Arts program focus on?

PCA arts program focuses on excellence in all things, and all things to the glory of God! From a Lower School art student working on a self-portrait to an Upper School theatre student waiting for the curtain to rise on opening night-- excellence is always the goal.

The Arts at PCA are thriving!

God has blessed PCA with many talented students who routinely achieve at high levels – being recognized at state and national festivals. In addition to these gifted students, God has assembled an incredible faculty of instructors to guide these students in sharpening their skills, and to show them how they can use their abilities in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Our teachers are gifted artists in their own right with a passion for sharing their love of the arts with students.