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What's chapel like at PCA North?

Sure, every Christian school has chapel. And for most, that's enough said. But here at PCA North, Chapel isn't just a box we check off each week. Chapel is a deliberate and essential ingredient of a spiritual development "recipe" that begins in PreK and goes all the way through Eighth grade! Just as every good recipe has a few fundamental ingredients, our essentials include dynamic worship, a clear presentation from God's Word, an opportunity to share with our teachers and a Bible study method integrated into the discussion time afterwards.

Chapel Schedule

Every Tuesday morning our North Campus students share in a time of corporate worship followed by a dynamic presentation of God’s Word brought to the students by a variety of speakers throughout the year. After chapel our teachers implement our Bible study method. Teachers share a verse with students teaching them how to observe what Scripture is saying, interpret what that passage means and then apply God’s Word to their own lives.