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In pursuit of excellence in education, the mission of the Prestonwood Christian Academy Diversity Committee is:

To develop a Kingdom-focused environment throughout the PCA family that embraces the individual differences God has created in each person.

God has instilled talents and differences in all of us. PCA values and cherishes these differences believing a diverse community creates a dynamic school environment. PCA believes that diversity in our student body, families, and faculty develops thinking that values alternative viewpoints and is sensitive to ethnic backgrounds, feelings, individual physical characteristics of others, as well as God-given talents and abilities. Embracing and capitalizing on the differences God has created in all of us enhances the PCA family.

Diversity at PCA focuses on GRACE (Gender, Race, Age & Ability, Culture, Economic Status)

"The trinity itself reflects diversity because each part of the Godhead is so different and serves a unique function yet comes together to make up the wholeness of our God. In the same way, we as individuals can be different whether that's in our education, socioeconomic status, skin color, gender or the like, yet when we come together, we function beautifully in a way that brings honor and glory to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
Antoinette Iroko
PCA Alumnus
Class of 2013

Diversity is God's gift and tool given to people that they might know Him better and experience life as He designed it. It is harnessed via a loving community (love + communication + unity). We look to His Word for the basis and context to define different parameters (GRACE) of diversity:

Defining Grace