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It is common knowledge that the easiest time in life to capture a person’s heart for Christ is during the childhood years. The home, church and school must give full attention to these biblical principles for children and youth from birth through maturity. In order to assist families in their desire to raise Christ-centered children PCA Online offers the following:

  • PCA Online virtual courses (grades 6-12)
  • Prestonwood Christian Academy part-time on-campus courses (Lower, Middle and Upper School)
  • Shared student option - combination of online and on-campus courses (grades 6-12)
  • Standardized Testing (PSAT, Residual ACT, IOWA, CogAT, Math & Reading Diagnostic)


Students can enroll in one course to supplement their current academics or enroll as full-time students (online or shared) desiring to earn a diploma from our fully accredited PCA Online school.

Please feel free to call the PCA Online office with any questions about our Christian education programs or to schedule a time to visit and tour the school. We look forward to meeting you and your student.



My daughter went through high school in the PCAplus program. It allowed our daughter to devote time to both school and her passion for dance. Not only was the quality of education at a superior level, but the Bible integration in her classes was a real strength of the program. PCAplus also prepared her well for college through her online classes where she learned time management and self discipline. Being a part of the PCA Online family enriched our lives and helped develop our daughter to move forward with maturity and knowledge in Christ.

Ann Pittman (daughter Ramsey Pittman, 2014 PCA Online graduate and current Baylor University student)

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful experience Sami is having with PCA Online. The schedule has worked so well for her in balancing school and gymnastics training, and helping her to create lifelong organizational and prioritization skills. She is just thriving!

As a parent and a former teacher, I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the amazing collaboration, conversation, and connection that Sami has with her instructors. They are always mentoring and supporting Sami in her studies, and I believe she has more quality interaction and discussion with her online instructors than her previous years of traditional schooling.

We are so pleased and blessed to be part of this program, and of course proud of Sami's dedication and commitment to her studies. And, also so extremely appreciative of the amazing, unconditional support that Mrs. Kathi Wagnon in the PCA Online office provides to us as well.

Just a sincere thank you from me,

Debi Crimmins

PCA Parent