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Shared On-Campus Program

The shared on-campus program is our signature student option. Shared on-campus students can enroll in up to two on-campus electives in Lower and Middle School, and up to three core or elective courses in Upper School (grades 9-12) per semester at Prestonwood Christian Academy (where space is available) and complete the remainder of their courses online through PCAplus Virtual Academy. shared on-campus students have the opportunity to pursue a PCAplus Virtual Academy diploma.

The shared on-campus program merges the best of both the online and on-campus learning environments for students. Students have the needed flexibility in their schedule, yet the benefits of the on-campus school community and face-to-face interaction with their peers and teachers.

Also, the shared on-campus program allows students to customize their education to their unique learning. For example, some students may excel in certain courses such as math and science with face-to-face instruction, while they may excel in history, English, and Bible courses online where they are able to progress at their own pace, review the coursework multiple times without relying on their note-taking ability for accuracy or on their auditory processing recall of material presented orally in the traditional face-to-face classroom.

The shared on-campus program allows students to participate on campus in chapel, advisory groups, retreats, service project days, all school worship, and other spiritual formation offerings.

Please feel free to call the PCAplus office (972-930-4032) with any questions or to schedule a time to visit and tour the school. We look forward to meeting you.

PCAplus Curriculum

PCAplus Virtual Academy academics are rooted in a God-centered view of life, allowing students the opportunity to understand themselves and the world around them from a biblical perspective.

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The opportunity to be a PCAplus on-campus student has provided the best of both worlds for my daughter, Caroline. She has the flexibility needed to accommodate her demanding gymnastics training schedule, but also has the benefits of attending classes and getting a taste of the High School experience. The rigor provided from all of her classes, virtual and classroom, will definitely help ensure that she will be college ready when she graduates. Leslie Jenkins, PCAplus parent