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We had the experience of attending school on the campus of PCA for several years; therefore, we know the incredible academic environment that makes PCA great. To be able to have the same standard of excellence through PCAplus Virtual Academy is the best of both worlds! To have the PCA quality with the flexibility our family needed was an answer to prayer.

Karen McNeece

PCA plus demo

Prospective Students/Demo

If you are a prospective student or family interested in seeing a demo of PCAplus Virtual Academy click here. Keep in mind you must first create a guest account. Once you are in the system click "demo course catalog" on the left hand side of the screen. Click a course you would like to view and then click on the magnifying glass icon to view the course information. In order to see a demonstration of the course you must select the link at the bottom of the course information pop-up screen.

Application Procedure

1: Complete the PCAplus application. The application must include...

  • Copies of previous school records including all educational diagnostic testing, standardized test scores from last year (if taken), grades from last year or a transcript for grades 8-12.
  • Pastor recommendation form, student record release (if student has been in school in last three years), and Math and English teacher recommendation.
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • $100 application fee for On-campus and/or Virtual Academy
  • $50 registration fee Virtual Academy only
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Online Student Questionnaire
  • iReady Diagnostic Test after registration fee is paid
  • If divorced, the most recent copy of all court documents signed by a judge and notarized regarding custody and educational decisions.
  • Statement of cooperation signed from the online student handbook if taking virtual academy courses.

2: Acceptance

Official acceptance (or non-acceptance) is communicated to all families. Only a PCAplus contract signed by Prestonwood Christian Academy guarantees acceptance for your child.

3: Payment of Costs and Fees

Costs and fees must be paid in full or in 6 equal payments through the FACTS automatic debit system. You can register on the FACTS automatic debit system here!

application links
click on Topics to access Documents
For Virtual and On-Campuses Courses
To register on FACTS online banking. Your account on FACTS will allow you to pay your students tuition and fees for PCAplus online.