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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Education

Who takes PCAplus Virtual Academy classes?

PCAplus Virtual Academy classes are for anyone! Public, private or home schooled students, or even adults wanting to expand their knowledge base in a specific area, can take PCAplus Virtual Academy classes.

Why would someone take a course from PCAplus?

  • A full-time virtual academy student
  • Hybrid student taking courses part-time somewhere else
  • Take a course needed for graduating on time
  • To accelerate graduation
  • Make up course work
  • To help balance academic and curricular activities
  • To take a course not offered at their school
  • Due to homebound reasons
  • Have experience in the online educational world before college

What are the advantages of taking an online course from PCAplus?

  • Students working through word processing programs often spend more time editing and revising their work.
  • Shy or reserved students are more likely to participate than in the normal classroom environment.
  • All lectures, notes, presentations, discussions and web links are easily accessible for student review at any time.
Teachers are accessible and often times give one-on-one assistance.


When Do PCAplus Online Classes Begin?

Students request classes Monday through Wednesday. Typically by Sunday, students receive course verification and on Monday receive their login information. Students begin the Orientation, which gives them important information on how to work in the course system, as well as, information on the late work policy and academic integrity.

How long do students have to complete online courses?

A full year course runs for 36 weeks; however, students work at their own pace and can finish a class as early as 12 weeks (or 6 weeks for a semester course) or students may even submit a course extension request if they need more time. For our elite athletes, we schedule courses for a full 12 months, but most athletes finish early.

Is There a Certain Schedule Student Must Follow?

No, students can log in and work on course work at any time.

Can Students Select Their Classes?

Students have the ability to pick their own classes as long as they meet any pre-requisites needed to be enrolled in a class. The PCAplus academic team works with families to ensure students have all courses needed for graduation.

Are Credits Transferable?

Generally, credits from other online schools or home school are transferable as long as the other online school is accredited and/or your home school class has been verified for completion and credit is shown on a transcript. Credit for the course transfers, but GPA only includes courses take through PCAplus or PCA.

Graduating from PCAplus Virtual Academy?

Students with credits from another institution can apply for graduation from PCAplus as long as the student takes their last 25% of credits through PCAplus Virtual Academy and all other graduation requirements are met.

Is PCAplus Virtual Academy Accredited?

PCAplus Virtual Academy is currently Accredited through AdvancED.

Are PCAplus Virtual Academy Courses NCAA Eligible?

PCAplus Virtual Academy courses that are NCAA eligible are indicated on our course list.

Full-Time Students

Are Standardized Tests Required?

PCAplus Upper School students take the PSAT and Pre-ACT, while Middle School students take the IOWA and CogAT tests. All PCAplus students are required to take annual online diagnostic tests in Math and Reading.

Graduation Requirements?

Service Hours?

Yes, PCAplus students must complete 40 hours of community service throughout their Upper School years.


How to Apply?

Families can use the Online Application. PCAplus accepts students throughout the year with our flexible rolling enrollment.

How is Admission Determined?

The PCAplus committee makes all final decisions on admissions. Once the application is submitted and courses are requested, the committee meets and applicant is notified as soon as admittance decision is made.

When Are Applications Due?

Applications can be submitted any time. Online courses begin each Monday, depending on date of application submission.

Do Students Take Admission Tests?

Students take diagnostic tests in math and reading.

Do Students Have to Be Enrolled Full-Time

No, a student can take as few as one course or as many as a full course load.

CURRENTLY accepting applications


Teacher Check-in Call


Will My Child Have a Teacher?

Yes, every PCAplus online course has a specific teacher that contacts your student before class begins with a "Welcome Email" and "Welcome Call."

Who Are PCAplus Virtual Academy Teachers?

PCAplus Virtual Academy teachers are professional educators and committed Christ-followers.

Are PCAplus Teachers Certified?

PCAplus online teachers are certified.

How Can Students Contact Teachers?

Students may contact their teacher via phone, email or video conference.