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Biblical Worldview Institute

"My favorite thing about PCA is the biblical integration into the curriculum, leadership, vision of the administration, caring for the students and professionalism of the teachers."


"The focus on biblical worldview teaching and the heart the teachers have for my student is my favorite thing about PCA."

PCA Parent

Why do we have a Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi)?

One of the most distinctive elements of Prestonwood Christian Academy is the school’s intentional focus on developing a biblical worldview. Biblical Worldview Institute was created to give students, faculty and parents the opportunity to think critically about Christianity around the world!

What training does BWi provide?

Biblical Worldview Institute has created a two-day training seminar covering important categories such as Christian Ethics, Heritage, Mindset/Discernment, Creation vs. Evolution, Current Cultural Trends, Doctrine and more! Additionally, PCA's faculty and staff go through “Making the Connection," using the BWi Planner.

Watch Past BWi Speakers

BWi training for parents:

The annual Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi) training sessions offered in November are also open for parents to hear top thinkers on a variety of topics. Prestonwood Baptist Church, has several opportunities each year to take classes with an intentional parenting and worldview focus-- stay tuned for recent postings regarding these classes!

Meet the Director!

Dan Panetti

Dan Panetti

Director of Worldview
PCA North, PCA Plano

Dan Panetti serves the PCA community as the Director of Worldview. However, the effort to incorporate a biblical worldview into every fiber of PCA is much broader than one position. Every teacher is a "biblical worldview director" for their classroom or their subject. Every administrator serves in this capacity as well.

Want more Information?

You can email Mary Carl Finkelstein for more information here!

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